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8 Short Stories of the Divine Mercy

Catholic Rebuttals

New Divine Mercy Rosary DVD See the new Divine Mercy Rosary DVD by Dennis and Angelina

Divine Mercy Media great Divine Mercy radio interviews with many of the world's experts on the Divine Mercy devotion.

Congregation of Sisters of Merciful Jesus St. Faustina's new order started by her confessor, Blessed Fr. Michael Sopocko.

Divine Mercy Ministries using technology to spread the Good News that Jesus Christ came to save us, He forgives us and wishes to extend mercy to us, and He loves us beyond measure.

Woman of Grace seeks to transform the world one woman at a time by affirming women in their dignity and vocation as daughters of God and in their gift of The true and essential nature God has endowed to woman referred to by Blessed John Paul II as the feminine genius. authentic femininity.

Cause of Canonization of Blessed Pope John Paul II  A website dedicated to cause cause of canonization of Blessed Pope John Paul II.

Blessed Pope John Paul II Shrine The Knights of Columbus has recently established a shrine to Blessed Pope John Paul II in Washington, D.C. that includes exhibits on the life and legacy of Blessed Pope John Paul II, and an exhibit on the Catholic heritage of North America.  They have Divine Mercy devotions.

Divine Mercy Bumper Stickers and other promotional items.

Divine Mercy Productions from Ireland with a new sung version of the Chaplet sung at WACOM.

Knights of Columbus - In service to one. In service to all.

Plenary Indulgence Handbook - explains the Catholic Church's teaching on the subject of partial and plenary indulgences and informs the reader of devotional practices the Church most highly values (rosary, adoration, stations of the cross, various prayers, etc.).

Spirituality For Today - Spirituality for Today is an interactive monthly magazine dedicated to a variety of current themes and questions concerning the Christian faith in this postmodern age.

Sacred Heart Devotion - The very best program for Catholic participation in the Sacred Heart prayers and Sacred Heart Devotion practices, available through a free Sacred Heart Prayer Booklet.

Sacred Heart Prayer Retreat - His Holy Spirit's spiritual help, inspiration and guidance leads you to conversion to Jesus' Heart through original prayer-poems, readings and reflections.

Parish Enthronement Ministry - Promoting Twin Hearts devotion through enthronement of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and consecration of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Daily Spiritual News from around the World

Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception - The authority on the Divine Mercy Devotion. Excellent source for devotional materials and books.

Confraternity of Penitents - Church approved lifestyle for laity from 800 year old Rule

http://www.catholicity.com   Home to popular free Catholic audio tapes and books, free Email Discussion Groups, Catholic news and commentary, and the Best Catholic Links on the web. Worth a visit.

Living His Life Abundantly - Catholic radio and TV programs Living His Life Abundantly, Moments of Truth Live, and The Abundant Life devoted to Christianity and Jesus Christ

Eucharistic Apostles Divine Mercy Cenacles  - Start a well organized prayer cenacle in your parish while you study the Diary of St. Faustina.

Beautiful Divine Mercy Art by Tommy Canning.

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy - Pray at your computer terminal.

Ignatius Productions - A Teaching Apostolate of Father Mitchell Pacwa, S.J Media products and gift items that give Glory and Honor to God.

PrayDivineMercy.org - A Divine Mercy prayer group located in the Wood River Valley of Idaho, dedicated to spreading the message of Divine Mercy throughout Idaho and the world.

PDT Signs - Convincing evidence by a scientist that God really does exist.

www.pilgrimvirginstatue.com - Weeping international pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

Oblates of Divine Mercy of Jesus Crucified - A Free Association of the Catholic Faithful devoted to Divine Mercy and following the example of St Faustina.

Shrine of Divine Mercy  - The Shrine of The Divine Mercy In Sauk Centre, Minnesota: a community dedicated to the Mercy of God since 1982.

The Work of God Apostolate - Our apostolate is dedicated to Catholicism based on the Eucharist, intercession of Our Lady and faithfulness to the Pope.

Bible Study, Prayer and Homily Resources - Many helps for Bible Study and prayer by Fr Tommy Lane

Mercy Song Ministries of Healing -
Bringing healing to others by leading them to a personal experience of the Father's love through our ministries of music, speaking, writing, counseling, and prayer.

Fathers of Mercy - Special priests bringing God's Mercy through Parish Missions

Puppet Ministry and Youth Activities - Help with your puppet ministry is available.  Your youth can create their very own Bible Puppet characters

Interviews with one of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Cracow, Poland plus the Chaplet in song & much more!

The Rosary Cafe - A website designed to propagate the devotion to Our Lady's Rosary

Legion of Mary in Virginia is a Catholic family organization of lay Catholics who become instruments of the Holy Spirit through prayer and work.

Franciscans in the Holy Land Their mission is to serve the Custody of the Holy Land

Pray for Our Leaders Their mission is to increase the Divine Mercy and Prayer Life of every soul on Earth.

Queen of the Holy Rosary Shrine A charitable, Lay Apostolate.  Their goal is to fund and build an environmental sculpture; a Rosary Path dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

New Divine Mercy Rosary DVD See the new Divine Mercy Rosary DVD by Dennis and Angelina

Divine Mercy Apps  which include the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Divine Mercy Novena, and Divine Mercy Image.

Dynamic Rosary CD by Catholic singer/songwriter Mark Mallett that draws the listener deep into the Mysteries as no Rosary CD has ever done!


St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church is proud to award Divine Mercy Sunday with the 2003 Catholic Website Award for Organizations.
 Visit their site at http://www.scborromeo.org/



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